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'A diverse school community where everyone is welcomed with open arms.' OFSTED 2020'Pupils thrive in collaborative learning.' OFSTED 2020'Children in the early years are enticed to learn many new things by skilled staff. ' OFSTED 2020'Pupils with complex needs are well cared for.' OFSTED 2020'Exciting learning activities that capture children's interest.' OFSTED 2020'A place of safety and tranquillity for many pupils. Pupils treat each other with respect.' OFSTED 2020

Special Educational Needs

Every child is different in the way that they learn. Schools take account of this when they plan their work. A few pupils need special or different arrangements, sometimes just for a short time, sometimes for the whole of their school life. Pupils who need this extra help have special educational needs (SEN). To access information about the different area(s) of need and SEN, visit the Areas of Need page. We have published a Glossary of terms often used in the area of SEND that you might find useful. 

Our Teaching & Learning Policy contains an overview of a model we are currently developing to ensure a graduated response to meeting children's needs, which stresses the importance of assessment information and progress monitoring. Once embedded, it will form part of SEN, Learning Support and Pupil Premium Policy and the SEN Information Report. It is an exciting area of our school development and improvement linking to our commitment to person-centred and outcome-based planning in line with the revised SEND Code of Practice. 

As part of developing our Assessment & Response-to-Intervention, we will be participating in the CAMHS School Link Project. Further details will be published online in due course.



Our SENCO, Mrs. Doorbar, oversees the education and development of children attending the school’s Enhanced Resourced Provision . These children have moderate learning difficulties. A team of teaching assistants work in the Enhanced Resource Provision in the mornings and then support children from the unit in the mainstream classroom during the afternoons. The SENCO'S responsibilities are:

  • Overseeing the day-to-day operation of the school’s SEND policy
  • Co-ordinating provision for children with special educational needs
  • Liaising with and advising fellow teachers
  • Co-ordinating the work of the learning support assistants
  • Overseeing the records of all children with SEN
  • Contributing to the in-service training of staff
  • Liaising with parents of children with SEN
  • Liaising with external agencies including the LEA’s support and educational psychology services, health and social services, and voluntary bodies.

Contact Details:

Email:  sarah.loftus@salford.gov.uk 

Phone: 0161 832 4664