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Remote and Home Learning Policy

Code of Conduct: Remote Learning

Information for Parents: Changes to the Track and Trace Payments System

How to access Google Classroom using a Playstation or Xbox:

How to access Google Classroom on a PS4: 

  • Press the PS button on the DualShock 4 controller and head to the Library for your system
  • Access 'Games and Applications' and head to the Applications section, where you will find the web browser.
  • Once here, type in the web address of your school/learning resource.
  • You will now gain access to your work via Google Classroom or OneDrive, including key packages such as Word, Teams, Excel, PowerPoint, and emails. 

How to access Google Classroom on a PS5: 

  • First off, head to the PS5 Settings and select 'Users and Accounts'. 
  • Pick 'Link with Other Services'. 
  • Select Twitter to take you to the hidden web browser. 
  • Click the Twitter logo in the top left corner, and you will be taken to the Twitter UI for web browsers. 
  • Log in and you will then gain access to the PS5 web browser. 
  • Follow the remaining steps detailed above for PS4 users to access Google Classroom. 

How to use Google Classroom on xbox One and Xbox Series X/S: 

  • The Xbox consoles each have access to Microsoft Edge - the web browser that comes preinstalled as part of the Xbox user experiences. This can be used to access Google Classroom (or another online education service approved by school). 
  • Plug a wired keyboard into your Xbox One, Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S via one of the USB ports on the front or the back. 
  • Press the Xbox button top-centre of a game controller and head to "My Games and Apps" in the side menu. 
  • Click on "See all", scroll down to "Apps" and you will see Microsoft Edge in the icons on the right-hand side. Open it. 
  • Type into the URL bar at the top and log in as you would on a PC, using your school Gmail account. 
  • You can either use an Xbox controller to move the cursor or a separate USB mouse plugged into one of the other ports. 

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