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'A diverse school community where everyone is welcomed with open arms.' OFSTED 2020'Pupils thrive in collaborative learning.' OFSTED 2020'Children in the early years are enticed to learn many new things by skilled staff. ' OFSTED 2020'Pupils with complex needs are well cared for.' OFSTED 2020'Exciting learning activities that capture children's interest.' OFSTED 2020'A place of safety and tranquillity for many pupils. Pupils treat each other with respect.' OFSTED 2020

Early Years Foundation Stage

The early years provision is good- Ofsted

When children start in the Nursery class, only one in ten have the skills typical for their age...However, all children, including the most able make at least good and sometimes outstanding, progress from their individual starting points

Children's attainment by the end of Reception is rising...the proportion of children achieving a good level of development was well above the national average. An even larger proportion of children in the Reception classes this year are currently displaying a good level of development. Children are well prepared for Year 1. 

Children settle quickly due to the highly nurturing environment, caring staff, well established routines and strong links with parents. Staff know every child and their parents well. These strong links enable parents  to support their children's learning well.

Consistently good teaching ensures children have a good range of exciting and meaningful learning activities led by adults or tasks chosen by children themselves.

Children are eager to learn and behave well.

Skilled teaching of the sounds individual and combinations of letters make helps children to make good progress in their reading. The development of children's writing skills is well promoted...Children's mathematical skills are promoted well.

Children have good opportunities to explore their learning during a wide range of visits...This stimulates their interest and curiosity...

The quality of leadership and management in the early years is good.The leader has a clear understanding of what is going well and how to make further improvements to their exciting new setting.

Children are eager to learn and behave well.They listen carefully, take turns and respond well to adults. They know how to stay safe.