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'A diverse school community where everyone is welcomed with open arms.' OFSTED 2020'Pupils thrive in collaborative learning.' OFSTED 2020'Children in the early years are enticed to learn many new things by skilled staff. ' OFSTED 2020'Pupils with complex needs are well cared for.' OFSTED 2020'Exciting learning activities that capture children's interest.' OFSTED 2020'A place of safety and tranquillity for many pupils. Pupils treat each other with respect.' OFSTED 2020



In Key Stage 1, our phonics scheme is Read Write Inc.

At Key Stage 1 and 2, we use Read Write Inc to support the teaching and learning of spelling. 


<<Watch Read Write Inc Videos for Parents Here>>


Maths is taught following the White Rose Maths Hub Scheme. Children are taught using concrete, visual and abstract resources and use strong arithmetic to solve problems of a variety of presentations. They are taught explicitly to reason and explain their mathematical understanding.

Reading is taught using high quality, challenging class novels through discussion and modelling.

Writing is taught with a focus on the individual needs of the children and through strong knowledge of the subject matter, whether it be historical, geographical, scientific or linked to a class novel. Children complete an independent, assessed piece of writing at least once per week, assessing the writing skills required to inform future teaching.

The Friars Primary School follows The National Curriculum in all KS1 and KS2 classes.

The Early Years and Foundation Stage teach towards the Early Years Goals and Development Matters.

In Key Stage 1 & 2, we are using a Big Question Curriculum. This covers a wide variety of curriculum areas and allows children to explore topics creatively.

In our R.E lessons, we follow the Salford SACRE Syllabus.

To teach our foundation subjects, we use a Big Question Curriculum. This involves using a question related to a historical, geographical or scientific theme and asking further learning challenge questions during the sequence of learning. Many aspects of the curriculum are taught this way using carefully planned and sequenced learning outcomes to support the acquisition of skills and knowledge. 

Foundation subjects are also taught discreetly to ensure full curriculum coverage.

Please see the links to the Big Question Curriculum for Autumn 2019

If you would like any further information regarding the school's taught curriculum, please see your class teacher or the head teacher.