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Primary school sport is set to be transformed thanks to a £150 million-a-year boost that will improve coaching for the youngest pupils and inspire the Olympic and Paralympic stars of the future, the Prime Minister announced in March 2013.

London 2012 gave Britain a once in a lifetime opportunity to inspire a nation to enjoy sport and the Government wants to embed that into the school day from an early age.

The new sports funding aims to improve the quality of provision in every state primary school in England.

Please download the documents to see how the Sport Premium is bring used at The Friars and our current review.

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At The Friars Primary School, we believe that PE and Sports are an integral part of every child’s education and development. Building on the success of the London Olympic Games, we aim to inspire the next generation by providing a wide range of sporting opportunities that cater for children of all abilities. We feel that all children should have access to quality PE provision, with the intention of increasing the amount of young people taking part in regular sporting activity throughout their lives.



Our PE kit consists of black shorts and a black t-shirt which are provided for the children by the school. Children should bring two pairs of footwear to every lesson: pumps (plimsolls) for indoor activities and trainers for outdoor activities. The children will participate in outdoor activities all year round, so a waterproof jacket or a tracksuit is also advisable as the weather gets colder. Please ensure that all clothes have your child’s names written clearly inside.


The day your child takes part in Physical Education lessons can change due to variations in timetables or events taking place in school. We recommend that your child has their PE kit in school all week. They should bring it in on a Monday and take it home on a Friday to be washed. Year 3 have swimming lessons every Wednesday afternoon and need to bring in a swimming kit that includes: a swimming costume or swimming trunks/shorts, a towel and a swimming hat for both girls and boys.



We always work hard to provide a wide variety of free sports clubs for the children that take place at lunch times and after school. These would not be possible without the dedicated staff who give up their own time to provide these for the children. The clubs do change with the seasons and are in line with many of the local sporting competitions that are held each year.



We will soon have a dedicated blog where you can keep up to date with the efforts of The Friars Primary School many sports teams. Each post will be written by members of the team that took part. Here you will also find results and forthcoming events along with links to local sports clubs in the community and the many external agencies that provide sporting opportunities on site for our children.


Appropriate Clothing


All children change into appropriate clothing for all PE sessions. The PE kit consists of black shorts, a black t-shirt and suitable footwear (pumps of trainers).

No items of jewellery should be worn - with the exception of studs. If earrings cannot be taken out, they should be taped over. Long hair should be tied back.

Class teachers will ensure that spare PE kit is available for any occasional circumstances where a child does not have their own in school.

Spare PE kits are available in the following classes: Y1 and Y2 – Miss Wood, Y3 and Y4 – Miss Morris, Y5 – Mr Curtis and Y6 – Mr Blundell.


Children not participating in PE should bring a note explaining the reason for this request. The child should accompany the class and take an alternative role (PE Lesson Observation Sheet).

No child should be excluded from any physical education programme unless advised by a medical professional.

Safe Practice

Teachers should deal with situations using professional judgement. In more serious cases the trained first aider will be sent for by a responsible child. All accidents should be recorded on Medical Tracker. Inhalers for children suffering from asthma should be made readily accessible.

Any damage, breakage or loss of resources should be reported to the PE Subject Leader and Site Manager as soon as possible. Any damage to a piece of apparatus which could cause subsequent injury must be isolated from use, and reported. No other groups or individuals should be able to access the resource until such time as it is made safe.


  • Children will be taught to lift, carry and replace equipment safely.
  • All equipment will be checked by the teacher before use.
  • When working outdoors teachers will establish certain boundaries.