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Headteacher's Message

Welcome to The Friars Primary School website. We are incredibly proud of our children and our community and hope that this is demonstrated by the wide range of activities shown in our 'Life at The Friars' page. 

Our children are the heart of this school and we put their needs first in all instances. We provide them with a rich and varied curriculum, wonderful learning and enrichment opportunities outside of the classroom and a safe, nurturing space.

Vision Statement - The Friars Primary School will take children forward into the future by promoting high levels of achievement, respecting and meeting their unique academic, social and emotional needs so all children are prepared for the next stage of their education and life in modern Britain. 

Here at The Friars, we have high expectations and our core values are fundamental in everything that we do.

Respect - Every person deserves to be respected and feel valued and therefore we always speak and act in a respectful way. Our staff and children demonstrate mutual respect and foster positive relationships based around honesty and trust. 

Determination - We are determined to succeed in everything that we do and don't believe in giving up. Our children are taught that success is a symptom of hard work and determination, and our staff are determined to provide the absolute best for our children.

Achievement - Here at The Friars, we love to do well. We recognise that achievements can be different for different people but celebrate all achievements, whether academic, sporting or personal. 

Happiness What we love to see more than anything is a smile. A smile tells us that something is going right. Our values of respect, determination and achievement lead to happiness all over the school, and this is something that we wish to spread. 

As headteacher, I am passionate about ensuring that all children are given the opportunities to learn, thrive and enjoy and I look forward to welcoming you to our community.

Mr M Earnshaw                                                                                                                      Headteacher


Our School

The Friars Primary School is a good school located in Salford, Greater Manchester and is approximately a fifteen minute walk from Manchester City Centre. Life at The Friars Primary School is based on four shared values: happiness, achievement, respect and determination. Why not read about our school vision, our mission statement and more about our values by clicking here

Parents and carers as well as members of the public can, in the first instance, contact Gillian Burrows with queries regarding the school. Your query will be passed to the most appropriate member of staff to deal with. 


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