Cannon Street, Salford, Manchester, M3 7EU

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The Friars Primary School

forward into the future


Head Teacher   

Miss P. Arnold 
Deputy Head Teacher
Mr M. Earnshaw
Assistant Head Teacher
Mr A . Curtis 

Early Years Foundation Stage Lead Practitioner 

Mrs S Toole

Early Years Foundation Stage Staff

Mrs G. Lally 

Miss R. Paton

Mrs M. Clark 

Mrs D. Smith 

Mrs S. Tee 

Key Stage 1

Miss J. Hanrahan~ Y1 

Mrs D. Melia ~ Y1 

Miss G. Shillington ~ Y1 

Miss S. Ojapah ~ Y1 

Miss J. Wood ~ Y2 

Miss D. Dicello ~ Y2

Miss T. Tansey ~ Y2 

Miss J. Hulme ~ Y2 

Key Stage 2

Mr T. Blundell ~ Y3

Mrs K. Lewis~ Y3 

Mrs C. Wood-Hope ~ Y3

Miss K. Morris ~ Y4

Mrs C Wellbelove ~ Y4

Mr A. Wheatley ~ Y4 

Mr A. Curtis ~ Y5 

Mrs G. Kelly ~ Y5

Mrs J. Baker ~ Y6

Mrs J. Goonan ~ Y6

Key Stage 1 and 2 PPA Teacher

Miss Walker

Special Educational Needs

Mrs D. Doorbar (SENCO & MLD Unit Teacher)

Miss C. Davenport

Miss J. Hollows

Higher Level Teaching Assistant 

Mrs S Taylor

Children and Families Officers 

Mrs A Rowland / Mr C Muscatelli   

 School Business Manager  

Miss G Burrows

 Site Manager   

Mr G Lomas