The School Day


Your child can begin their day at school by coming to our Breakfast Club.  

HOURS - 7:45 - 8:55am
COST   - £2.50 per day ~ This includes breakfast and child care provided by two members of our staff.

The School day starts at 8:55am with the first lesson starting at 9:00, morning break is at 10:30. As part of the Healthy Schools initiative we no longer allow children to bring crisps to school, however we do sell toast and all children in K.S.1 receive a piece of fruit every day for which there is no charge.

Lunchtime is at 11:55 for K.S.1 and 12:15 for K.S.2. There are lunchtime activities available for your child, e.g. Gardening Club, Drawing Club, Fitbods and extra reading practise.

The afternoon sessions start at 1:10pm, school finishes at 3:30pm.


Throughout the year there are various after school clubs, e.g. Football, Netball, Drama, Homework and Creative activities. There is no charge for these and they all finish at 4:30pm.