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Pupil Premium & COVID Catch-Up Funding

The Pupil Premium is funding intended to enable school’s to address gaps between disadvantaged and vulnerable children and their less disadvantaged peers. It was introduced in 2012/13.


Below, information on the allocation of funding for Pupil Premium children at The Friars Primary School since 2012/13 is given: 

  • The Pupil Premium for 2012/13 was £75, 000
  • The Pupil Premium for 2013/14 was £110, 389
  • The Pupil Premium for 2014/15 was £148, 700
  • The Pupil Premium for 2015/16 was £170, 520
  • The Pupil Premium for 2016/17 was £168, 840
  • The Pupil Premium for 2017/18 was £154,440
  • The Pupil Premium for 2018/19 was £167,640
  • The Pupil Premium for 2019/20 was £151,800


In 2018/19, the Pupil Premium per a child was:

  • £1, 320 for primary-aged children
  • £2300 for looked after children (LAC)
  • £2300 for each pupil who has ceased to be looked after (post-LAC)
  • £300 for service children. 


Our Pupil Premium Strategy and Catch-Up Funding Spend for 2020/21 can be accessed here.

Our Review of our Pupil Premium Strategy for 2019/20 can be accessed here.